The Atomic Model. 2011-2012.

This project is based on the atomic model as it is understood between a two dimensional and three dimensional space.

"An origin is something other than a starting point; it is both a principle and an appearing; as such, it repeats itself at each moment of what it originates. It is 'continual creation'".
- Jean-Luc Nancy (Being Singular Plural, Stanford University Press, California, 2000. p.83)

This project originated with standard atomic diagrams which evolved through two dimensional and three dimensional spaces. Each new form is in dialogue with previous forms, where aspects are lost and gained allowing the creation of new models to build upon. The project includes collages, pen drawings, blind drawings, sewing drawings, wire drawings, paper stencils, spray paint drawings, flattened wire drawings, theatre sets, light shows and installations.

All Images © Rachael Agnew

Pencil/ pen on graph paper pencil/pen/sewn thread on paper wire part of installation piece Installation wire/pen/paper/sticker Possibility microscopic happenings Paper/wire/spray paint/pen/lights permanent marker on acetate/ catgut paper/ clips / lights / wire instal