Abbey Studio Artists Performance @ The Gallery of Photography, Dublin.

The One and the Many

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus (around 500 B.C.) argued that Being as existence is universal flux. On the contrary, the monist Parmenides (active around the 5th Century B.C.) argues that Being is one and fixed. The ontological opposites of change and permanency lead to a fundamental paradox referred to as the problem of the one and the many.

This paradox is condensed into a day’s performances for elevate.1.

There are structures that exist in universal flux, such as online organisations, parent companies or events that transition through rented spaces. There are also structures such as shopping centres, galleries and offices to let, that exist as one permanent fixed structure underlying a flux of other structures, like some of the above.

If this could be said to be analogous of the ancient Greek philosopher’s fundamental questioning, then what of the spaces between these two opposites? That is, between the fixed structure and the structure in flux, the one and the many?

As an interstitial space, the elevator is a paradox of one fixed space in flux. From here both the active and passive plurality of this singular space can be fleshed out. Drawings are performed in order to interrogate these questions and encourage critical thinking about the structure of the space.

This performance took place with Abbey Studio Artists Ann-Marie Curran and Frances Mezzetti @ The Gallery of Photography, Dublin. 2017. Images courtesy of Ann-Marie Curran and Monsi.
All Content © Rachael Agnew. All Images © Abbey Studios, Monsi and the Gallery of Photography.